Perfection in Imperfection

Slavoj Žižek rambles that we should become more artificial and thus abstract from nature. A mathematical universe – abstract materialism, nothing other than formuli and find spirituality in that dimension. Through this we will find true love which isn’t idealisation of each other, but acceptance of each others failures and vulgarities. Perfection in imperfection.

In this talkybox (Examined Life, Astra Taylor) Žižek highlights the following:

Is this existing world the best possible world?

Does nature exist or is it a series of large catastrophes that we thrive from and which feeds out hubris.

Will ecology become the new opium of the masses, like religion – a warning conservative voice dictating our everyday lives?

The article that it’s adjoined to discusses marxism

Amonst other things, he discusses the contemporary context of Marxism:

“Marx was talking about land and property when he wrote about this, but today intellectual property is our commons, information is our commons…” – Žižek

He states that today, we are witnessing a strange regression whereby we ‘rent’ our intellectual property online.

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